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Rollins Band music lyrics

Rollins Band lyrics
Henry Rollins put the Rollins Band together, in Van Nuys, California, United States, after his previous band, the hardcore outfit Black Flag, broke up in 1986. “Borrowing” the rhythm section of former Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn’s experimental instrumental band, Gone, their sound is very similar to Black Flag’s latter direction, playing aggressive rock with punk influences, beginning with their first release Life-Time in 1987. The band continued to mature and mix elements of metal, jazz fusion and swing beats, and with the track “Liar” from the album Weight in 1994, broke hard into the mainstream with heavy radio play and a music video for the single in heavy rotation on MTV. Success of the album got...
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Rollins Band albums and songs lyrics

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Rollins Band - Come in and burn lyrics
Come in and burn lyrics 
Come in and burn at Come in and burn at wikipedia
Come in and burn lyrics
Rollins Band - Weight lyrics
Weight lyrics 
Weight at Weight at wikipedia
Weight lyrics
1. Disconnect  Disconnect Youtube video included
2. Fool  
3. Icon  
4. Civilized  
5. Divine objects of hatred  
6. Liar  Liar Youtube video included
7. Step back  
8. Wrong  
9. Volume 4  
10. Tired  
11. Alien blueprint  
12. Shine  
Rollins Band - The end of silence lyrics The end of silence lyrics
1. Low self opinion  
2. Grip  
3. Tearing  
4. You didn't need  
5. Almost real  
6. Obscene  
7. What do yo do  
8. Blues jam  
9. Another life  
10. Just like you  
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