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Icon song lyrics - Rollins Band music

Rollins Band Icon lyrics
  • track 3 of 12, total running time 53:26
  • album Weight
  • released in April 12, 1994
  • produced by Theo Van Rock
  • record label Imago Records
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Weight tracklist

1994 via Imago Records

1. Disconnect Disconnect Youtube video included
2. Fool
3. Icon lyrics
4. Civilized
5. Divine objects of hatred
6. Liar Liar Youtube video included
7. Step back
8. Wrong
9. Volume 4
10. Tired
11. Alien blueprint
12. Shine

Icon lyrics

all eyes turned up to the hero, charismatic icon animal man
lyrical visionary caught in the spotlight
the more you make the more you get it right, right?

oh nothing can stop you and no one can bring you down
don't give a thought to tomorrow 'cause you're the man right now

it doesn't matter what you say 'cause they always find
some meaning in it anyway, so you make them feel like
they're a part of some big event
they'll be too busy cheering to wonder where your talent went

oh they really hate you, they got to have you
you're the only 1 who understands

slender Messiah, God with a song, turned out wreck
who stuck 'round too long
targic hero coming down hard
the jokes on you, you got played like a deck of cards

you're paying the priceof the fame
cruch under the wight of the flames (2x) yeah

feel the backlash, watch the tables turn
now you need them, see that fire burn

all eyes turned up to the hero, warned out self-abusive circus freak
that one thing that you might not know: there'll be another Messiah
right here next week

More info about Icon lyrics

check here the lyrics for Icon, the 3th song of the 12 recorded for the album Weight, with a total running time of 53:26, by Rollins Band. It was released on April 12, 1994 via Imago Records, and produced by Theo Van Rock.
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