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Ty Segall music lyrics

Ty Segall lyrics
Ty Segall is an American musician and songwriter, based in Los Angeles, California. A multi-instrumentalist, Segall is a vocalist, guitarist and drummer. He has released six solo albums and is a member of the bands The Traditional Fools, Epsilons, Party Fowl, Sic Alps, Fuzz, and The Perverts. Segall began his recording career as a part-time musician in various underground bands in Orange County and the San Francisco Bay Area, before beginning a solo career in 2008. Segall’s first solo release was the cassette Horn The Unicorn released on the Wizard Mountain label (later re-released by HBSP-2X on vinyl record). Around the same time, Wizard Mountain also released a split cassette featuring Segall and the band Superstitions entitled ...
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Ty Segall albums and songs lyrics

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Ty Segall - Hello, hi lyrics
Hello, hi lyrics 
Hello, hi at
Hello, hi lyrics
1. Good morning  
2. Cement  
3. Over  
4. Hello hi  
5. Blue  
6. Looking at you  
7. Don't lie  
8. Saturday pt. 1  
9. Saturday pt. 2  
10. Distraction  
Ty Segall - Harmonizer lyrics
Harmonizer lyrics 
Harmonizer at Harmonizer at wikipedia Harmonizer at spotify
Harmonizer lyrics
1. Learning  
2. Whisper  
3. Erased  
4. Harmonizer  
5. Pictures  
6. Ride  
7. Waxman  
8. Play  
9. Feel good  
10. Changing contours  
Ty Segall - Freedoms goblin lyrics
Freedom's goblin lyrics 
Freedoms goblin lyrics
Ty Segall - Ty segall lyrics
Ty segall lyrics 
Ty segall at wikipedia
Ty segall lyrics
Ty Segall - Emotional mugger lyrics
Emotional mugger lyrics 
Emotional mugger at Emotional mugger at wikipedia
Emotional mugger lyrics
Ty Segall - Manipulator lyrics
Manipulator lyrics 
Manipulator at Manipulator at wikipedia
Manipulator lyrics
Ty Segall - Melted lyrics
Melted lyrics 
Melted at Melted at wikipedia Melted at spotify
Melted lyrics
1. Finger  
2. Caesar  
3. Girlfriend  
4. Sad fuzz  
5. Melted  
6. D's coke  
7. Imaginary person  
8. My sunshine  
9. Bees  
10. Mrs.  
11. Alone  
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