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Warpaint music lyrics

Warpaint lyrics
Warpaint is a psychedelic rock band which formed in 2004 in Los Angeles, California, United States. The band consists of Jenny Lee Lindberg (vocals, bass), Emily Kokal (vocals, guitar), Theresa Wayman (vocals, guitar) and Stella Mozgawa (drums). The band’s original drummer, Shannyn Sossamon, left the band in 2008 and was replaced by Mozgawa. The band weaves intricate guitar lines, hypnotic vocals, and driving post-punk rhythms into gorgeous, sprawling songs that skirt the line between the soundscapes of psychedelia and intimacy. The group has gone through many line-up changes, including actress Shannyn Sossamon and Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer. In early 2009, their self-released debut EP “Exquisite Cor...
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Warpaint albums and songs lyrics

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Warpaint - Heads up lyrics
Heads up lyrics 
Heads up at Heads up at wikipedia Heads up at spotify
Heads up lyrics
1. Whiteout  
2. By your side  
3. New song  
4. The stall  
5. So good  
6. Don't wanna  
7. Don't let go  
8. Dre  
9. Heads up  
10. Above control  
11. Today dear  
Warpaint - Warpaint lyrics
Warpaint lyrics 
Warpaint at Warpaint at wikipedia Warpaint at spotify
Warpaint lyrics
1. Intro  
2. Keep it healthy  
3. Love is to die  
4. Hi  
5. Biggy  
6. Teese  
7. Disco//Very  
8. Go in  
9. Feeling alright  
10. CC  
11. Drive  
12. Son  
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