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Skindred music lyrics

Skindred lyrics
Skindred is a four-piece “ragga metal” band from Newport, Wales. Their genre is an innovative mix of metal, punk, and reggae. The band was formed in 1999 following the disbandment of vocalist Benji Webbe’s previous band, Dub War and his one-off side-project mass mental? featuring Robert Trujillo (Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves, Metallica) released the year prior. The band initially came together with three of the four Dub War veterans with Jeff Rose and Martin Ford returning alongside Webbe, along with new bassist Daniel Pugsley. The group released their debut LP Babylon in July 2002, with sporadic success in parts of Europe and the U.S. metal underground. However after suffering years of indifference and wani ...
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Skindred albums and songs lyrics

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Skindred - Big tings lyrics
Big tings lyrics 
Big tings at Big tings at wikipedia Big tings at spotify
Big tings lyrics
1. Big tings  
2. That's my jam  
3. Machine  
4. Last chance  
5. Tell me  
6. Loud and clear  
7. Alive  
8. All this time  
9. Broken glass  
10. Saying it now  
Skindred - Kill the power lyrics
Kill the power lyrics 
Kill the power at Kill the power at wikipedia Kill the power at spotify
Kill the power lyrics
Skindred - Babylon lyrics
Babylon lyrics 
Babylon at Babylon at wikipedia Babylon at spotify
Babylon lyrics
1. Nobody  
2. Pressure  
3. Start first  
4. Selector  
5. Bruises  
6. Set it off  
7. Firing the love  
8. Tears  
9. World domination  
10. The fear  
11. Babylon  
12. The beginning of sorrows  
13. Kiss and make up  
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