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Goldfrapp music lyrics

Goldfrapp lyrics
Goldfrapp is an electronic music duo, formed in 1999 in London, England, and made up of Alison Goldfrapp (vocals, songwriter) and Will Gregory (songwriter, producer). Goldfrapp’s musical style has changed over time, from a cinematic ambient sound, through electropop, to a glam rock influenced sound, folktronica and 80’s synthpop. The majority of the band’s songs are composed by Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory, although they have collaborated with session musician Nick Batt several times. They have called their writing sessions a “democratic affair”, playing off one another while in the recording studio. While writing, Alison uses her vocals to create melodies and drumbeats. Will composes his music on vint ...
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Goldfrapp albums and songs lyrics

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Goldfrapp - Silver eye lyrics
Silver eye lyrics 
Silver eye at Silver eye at wikipedia Silver eye at spotify
Silver eye lyrics
Goldfrapp - Tales of us lyrics
Tales of us lyrics 
Tales of us at Tales of us at wikipedia Tales of us at spotify
Tales of us lyrics
1. Jo  
2. Annabel  
3. Drew  
4. Ulla  
5. Alvar  
6. Thea  
7. Simone  
8. Stranger  
9. Laurel  
10. Clay  
Goldfrapp - Supernature lyrics
Supernature lyrics 
Supernature at Supernature at wikipedia
Supernature lyrics
Goldfrapp - Black cherry lyrics
Black cherry lyrics 
Black cherry at Black cherry at wikipedia Black cherry at spotify
Black cherry lyrics
1. Crystalline green  
2. Train  
3. Black cherry  
4. Tiptoe  
5. Deep honey  
6. Hairy trees  
7. Twist  
8. Strict machine  
9. Forever  
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