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Dig for bones song lyrics - Twelve Foot Ninja music

Twelve Foot Ninja Dig for bones lyrics
  • track 10 of 10, total running time
  • album Outlier
  • released in 2016
  • produced by
  • record label
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Outlier tracklist

2016 via

1. One hand killing
2. Sick
3. Invincible
4. Oxygen
5. Collateral
6. Post mortem
7. Point of you
8. Monsoon
9. Adios
10. Dig for bones lyrics

Dig for bones lyrics

I lie in wait for you,
My enemy eclipsed,
The first and final warning,
A fatal catalyst,
Fire wrapped in clouds,
You've come to send me home,
A falsified ascension,
Thine kingdom come.

The fight,
It blazes on,
Your cause is not my own,
I am not the only one.

You've crossed the Rubicon,
And now you're a dog of war,
And no man's friend,
You've crossed the Rubicon now.

(I recall when we were like each other),
What have you?
(I remember it all),
? done?
(you were closer to me than a brother),
What have you become?

You shed their blood,
In sanctimonious obligation,
Without empathy or thought,
And you held your soul to ransom,
The people made senseless,
Under hail of friendly-fire,
Now they wander the wilderness,
Extinguished by their own decline.

You'll never feel,
You'll never be innocent again.

Dig for bones,
Lick your wounds,
Your reward,
The leash remains,
And come when you're called,
From our command,
Into your grave.

The hypocrisy of your liberty,
Your security for us all,
Insanity please its own defence,
To deter the advance of the law,
You and I,
We're no different,
We originate from the sword,
I didn't want to single you out,
But I'm relentless.

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check here the lyrics for Dig for bones, the 10th song of the 10 recorded for the album Outlier, with a total running time of , by Twelve Foot Ninja. It was released on via , and produced by .
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