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Hollywood Undead music lyrics

Hollywood Undead lyrics
Hollywood Undead is an American rap rock band from Los Angeles, California. They released their debut album, Swan Songs, on September 2, 2008, and their live CD/DVD Desperate Measures, on November 10, 2009. The band consists of Charlie Scene, Da Kurlzz, Funny Man, J-Dog, and Johnny 3 Tears. The band members use pseudonyms and wear masks to display a creative side, not to hide their identities as first assumed. They perform live without the masks on. The band originated in 2005 from a song titled �The Kids� that Aron Erlichman (Deuce) and Jorel Decker (J-Dog) posted on the band�s MySpace profile to positive reviews, leading them to form the group Hollywood Undead with their friends �Shady� Jeff Philips, Geor ...
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Hollywood Undead albums and songs lyrics

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Hollywood Undead - Hotel kalifornia lyrics
Hotel kalifornia lyrics 
Hotel kalifornia at
Hotel kalifornia lyrics
1. Chaos  
2. World war me  
3. Ruin my life  
4. Hourglass  
5. Go to war  
6. Alone at the top  
7. Wild in these streets  
8. Dangerous  
9. Lion eyes  
10. Trap god  
11. Happy when i die  
12. Reclaim  
13. City of the dead  
14. Alright  
Hollywood Undead - New empire, vol. 2 lyrics
New empire, vol. 2 lyrics 
New empire, vol. 2 at spotify
New empire, vol. 2 lyrics
Hollywood Undead - New empire, vol. 1 lyrics New empire, vol. 1 lyrics
1. Time bomb  
2. Heart of a champion  
3. Alredy dead  
4. Empire  
5. Killin it  
6. Enemy  
7. Upside down  
8. Second chances  
9. Nightmare  
Hollywood Undead - Five lyrics
Five lyrics 
Five at Five at wikipedia Five at spotify
Five lyrics
Hollywood Undead - Day of the dead lyrics
Day of the dead lyrics 
Day of the dead at Day of the dead at wikipedia
Day of the dead lyrics
Hollywood Undead - Notes from the underground lyrics Notes from the underground lyrics
1. Dead bite  
2. From the ground  
3. Another way out  
4. Lion  
5. We are  
6. Pigskin  
7. Rain  
8. Kill everyone  
9. Believe  
10. Up in smoke  
11. Outside  
Hollywood Undead - Swan songs lyrics
Swan songs lyrics 
Swan songs at Swan songs at wikipedia
Swan songs lyrics
1. Undead  
2. Sell your soul  
3. Everywhere i go  
4. No other place  
5. No. 5  
6. Young  
7. Black dahlia  
8. This love, this have  
9. Battle and a gun  
10. California  
11. City  
12. The diary  
13. Pimpin  
14. Paradise lost  
15. The loss  
16. Knife called dust  
17. Pain  
18. The natives  
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