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Silverchair music lyrics

Silverchair lyrics
Silverchair is one of Australia’s most successful alternative rock (and formerly grunge) bands. The group has had more top twenty hits during the last decade than any other local artist and they have sold over six million albums worldwide. The band formed in 1992 in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. In 1994, at the age of 15, Silverchair got their big break when the band won a national competition called “Pick Me” with the demo of their song, “Tomorrow”. The demo became one of the most played songs in the history of the Australian station Triple J, and they played that year’s Big Day Out as part of the prize for their win. Silverchair’s earlier material is “post-grunge” and the ...
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Silverchair albums and songs lyrics

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Silverchair - Diorama lyrics
Diorama lyrics 
Diorama lyrics
Silverchair - Neon Ballroom lyrics
Neon Ballroom lyrics 
Neon Ballroom lyrics
Silverchair - Freak Show lyrics
Freak Show lyrics 
Freak Show lyrics
1. Slave  
2. Freak  
3. Abuse Me  
4. Lie To Me  
5. No Association  
6. Cemetery  
7. The Door  
8. Pop Song For Us Rejects  
9. Learn To Hate  
10. Petrol & Chlorine  
11. Roses  
12. Nobody Came  
13. The Closing  
Silverchair - Frogstomp lyrics
Frogstomp lyrics 
Frogstomp lyrics
1. Tomorrow  
2. Acid Rain  
3. Blind  
4. Stoned  
5. Israel's Son  
6. Faultline  
7. Pure Massacre  
8. Shade  
9. Leave Me Out  
10. Suicidal Dream  
11. Madman  
12. Undecided  
13. Cicada  
14. Findaway  
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