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Raised Fist music lyrics

Raised Fist lyrics
Raised Fist is a Swedish hardcore band formed in 1993, Luleå, Sweden. The name “Raised Fist” came as an idea from the Rage Against the Machine song “Know Your Enemy”, where part of the lyrics are as follows: “Born with an insight and a raised fist…” With influences rooted firmly among bands as Gorilla Biscuits,Youth Of Today and Wide Awake the band started out as firm believers in the old school style. They blasted out their first two excellent releases, the CD EP “You’re Not Like Me”, and the much acclaimed MCD “Stronger Than Ever”. On these recordings the band and mad man, growling Alexander Rajkovic is up for an intense hardcore adventure that has the same...
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Raised Fist albums and songs lyrics

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Raised Fist - Anthems lyrics
Anthems lyrics 
Anthems at Anthems at spotify
Anthems lyrics
1. Venomous  
2. Seventh  
3. Anthem  
4. Murder  
5. Into this world  
6. Shadows  
7. Oblivious  
8. Polarized  
9. We are here  
10. Unsinkable II  
Raised Fist - From the north lyrics
From the north lyrics 
From the north at From the north at wikipedia From the north at spotify
From the north lyrics
1. Flow  
2. Chaos  
3. Man & earth  
4. In circles  
5. We will live forever  
6. Sanctions  
7. Ready to defy  
8. Depression  
9. Gates  
10. Until the end  
11. Unsinkable  
Raised Fist - Veil of Ignorance lyrics
Veil of Ignorance lyrics 
Veil of Ignorance at wikipedia Veil of Ignorance at spotify
Veil of Ignorance lyrics
Raised Fist - Sound Of The Republic lyrics Sound Of The Republic lyrics
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