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Feeder music lyrics

Feeder lyrics
Feeder are an award-winning Welsh rock band that formed in Newport, Wales in 1992. By 1995 they released their debut EP Two Colours and a second EP titled Swim, which was followed by their 1997 debut album Polythene, after being met with critical acclaim and made the UK Top 75. Their second album, Yesterday Went Too Soon (1999), again found favour with critics and reached number eight in the UK.With the lead single 'Buck Rogers' from their 2001 album Echo Park, Feeder entered the mainstream, around a time manufactured pop was frequently dominating the top 10. After their breakthrough year, their drummer Jon Lee committed suicide in his Miami home in January 2002. The band vowed to continue and would then in October 2002 release ...
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Feeder albums and songs lyrics

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Feeder - Tallulah lyrics
Tallulah lyrics 
Tallulah at Tallulah at wikipedia Tallulah at spotify
Tallulah lyrics
1. Youth  
2. Blue sky blue  
3. Daily habit  
4. Fear of flying  
5. Rodeo  
6. Tallulah  
7. Shapes and sounds  
8. Guillotine  
9. Kyoto  
10. Kite  
11. Windmill  
12. Lonely hollow days  
Feeder - All bright electric lyrics
All bright electric lyrics 
All bright electric at All bright electric at wikipedia All bright electric at spotify
All bright electric lyrics
Feeder - Generation freakshow lyrics
Generation freakshow lyrics 
Generation freakshow at Generation freakshow at wikipedia Generation freakshow at spotify
Generation freakshow lyrics
1. Oh my  
2. Borders  Borders Youtube video included
3. Idaho  
4. Hey johnny  
5. Quiet  
6. Sunrise  
7. Generation freakshow  
8. Tiny minds  
9. In all honesty  
10. Headstrong  
11. Fools can't sleep  
12. Children of the sun  
Feeder - Comfort In Sound lyrics
Comfort In Sound lyrics 
Comfort In Sound at Comfort In Sound at wikipedia
Comfort In Sound lyrics
Feeder - Swim lyrics
Swim lyrics 
Swim at Swim at wikipedia
Swim lyrics
1. Sweet16  
2. Stereo World  
3. Wit  
4. Descend  
5. Shade  
6. Swim  
7. Elegy  
8. World Asleep  
9. Chicken On A Bone  
10. Spill  
11. Forgiven  
Feeder - Echo Park lyrics
Echo Park lyrics 
Echo Park at Echo Park at wikipedia
Echo Park lyrics
Feeder - Polythene lyrics
Polythene lyrics 
Polythene at Polythene at wikipedia
Polythene lyrics
1. Polythene Girl  
2. My Perfect Day  
3. Cement  
4. High  
5. Crash  
6. Radiation  
7. Suffocate  
8. Descend  
9. Stereo World  
10. Change  
11. Tangerine  
12. Forgive  
13. 20th Century Trip  
Feeder - Swim [ep] lyrics
Swim [ep] lyrics 
Swim [ep] at Swim [ep] at wikipedia
Swim [ep] lyrics
1. Sweet 16  
2. Stereo World  
3. Wit  
4. Descend  
5. Shade  
6. Swim  
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