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ZZ Top music lyrics

ZZ Top lyrics
ZZ Top is an American blues rock band, formed in 1969 in Houston, Texas. The band members are Billy Gibbons (vocals and guitar), Dusty Hill (bass guitar and vocals), and Frank Beard (drums). They hold the distinction of being one of the few rock bands still comprising its original members for over 40 years, and until 2006, with the same manager/producer, Bill Ham. They reached the peak of their commercial success in the 1970s and 1980s, scoring many hit songs during that era; but they remain together today and are still touring and releasing albums. ZZ Top was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on March 15, 2004. Summarizing their music, Cub Koda wrote, “As genuine roots musicians, they have few peers; Gibbons is one of ...
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ZZ Top albums and songs lyrics

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ZZ Top - La futura lyrics
La futura lyrics 
La futura at La futura at wikipedia La futura at spotify
La futura lyrics
ZZ Top - Mescalero lyrics
Mescalero lyrics 
Mescalero at Mescalero at wikipedia Mescalero at spotify
Mescalero lyrics
1. Mescalero  Mescalero Youtube video included
2. Two Ways To Play  Two Ways To Play Youtube video included
3. Alley Gator  Alley Gator Youtube video included
4. Buck Nekkid  Buck Nekkid Youtube video included
5. Goin' So Good  Goin
6. Me So Stupid  Me So Stupid Youtube video included
7. Piece  Piece Youtube video included
8. Punk Ass Boyfriend  Punk Ass Boyfriend Youtube video included
9. Stackin' Paper  Stackin
10. What Would You Do  What Would You Do Youtube video included
11. What It Is Kid  What It Is Kid Youtube video included
12. Que Lastima  Que Lastima Youtube video included
13. Tramp  Tramp Youtube video included
14. Crunchy  Crunchy Youtube video included
15. Dusted  Dusted Youtube video included
16. As Time Goes By  
17. Liquor  Liquor Youtube video included
ZZ Top - Afterburner lyrics
Afterburner lyrics 
Afterburner at Afterburner at wikipedia Afterburner at spotify
Afterburner lyrics
ZZ Top - Eliminator lyrics
Eliminator lyrics 
Eliminator at Eliminator at wikipedia Eliminator at spotify
Eliminator lyrics
ZZ Top - Tres hombres lyrics
Tres hombres lyrics 
Tres hombres at Tres hombres at wikipedia Tres hombres at spotify
Tres hombres lyrics
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