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Ash music lyrics

Ash lyrics
Ash are an alternative rock band that formed in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland in 1992. The media originally pegged Ash’s music as britpop when the band first found mainstream success. The current line-up of the group is as follows: Tim Wheeler (vocals and guitar), Mark Hamilton (bass guitar) and Rick McMurray (drums). Ash’s full-length debut “1977” was released in 1996 and followed 1994’s mini album “Trailer”. Named after the year they were all born (and in honour of the year Star Wars was released), “1977” displayed Wheeler and Hamilton’s full-fledged love for all things extra-terrestrial and science fiction-related. In autumn 1997, guitarist Charlotte Hatherley was added ...
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Ash albums and songs lyrics

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Ash - Islands lyrics
Islands lyrics 
Islands at Islands at wikipedia Islands at spotify
Islands lyrics
Ash - Kablammo! lyrics
Kablammo! lyrics 
Kablammo! at Kablammo! at wikipedia Kablammo! at spotify
Kablammo! lyrics
1. Cocoon  
2. Let's ride  
3. Machinery  
4. Free  
5. Go! fight! win!  
6. Moondust  
7. Evel knievel  
8. Hedonism  
9. Dispatch  
10. Shutdown  
11. For eternity  
12. Bring back the summer  
Ash - Meltdown lyrics
Meltdown lyrics 
Meltdown lyrics
1. Meltdown  
2. Orpheus  
3. Evil Eye  
4. Clones  
5. Starcrossed  
6. Out Of The Blue  
7. Renegade Cavalcade  
8. Detonator  
9. On A Wave  
10. Won't Be Saved  
11. Vampire Love  
Ash - Free All Angels lyrics
Free All Angels lyrics 
Free All Angels lyrics
1. Walking Barefoot  
2. Shining Light  
3. Burn Baby Burn  
4. Candy  
5. Cherry Bomb  
6. Submission  
7. Someday  
8. Pacific Palisades  
9. Shark  
10. Sometimes  
11. Nicole  
12. There's A Star  
13. World Domination  
Ash - Nu-clear Sounds lyrics
Nu-clear Sounds lyrics 
Nu-clear Sounds lyrics
1. Jesus Says  
2. Wildsurf  
3. Folk Song  
4. Numbskull  
5. Burn Out  
6. Aphrodite  
7. Death Trip 21  
8. Low Ebb  
9. Fortune Teller  
10. Projects  
11. I'm Gonna Fall  
12. A Life Less Ordinary  
Ash - 1977 lyrics
1977 lyrics 
1977 lyrics
Ash - Trailer lyrics
Trailer lyrics 
Trailer lyrics
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