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Calico Jack song lyrics - Running Wild music

Running Wild Calico Jack lyrics
  • track 9 of 9, total running time
  • album Port Royal
  • released in 1988
  • produced by
  • record label
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Port Royal tracklist

1988 via

1. Port Royal
2. Raging Fire
3. Into The Arena
4. Uaschitschun
5. Conquistadores
6. Blown To Kingdom Come
7. Warchild
8. Mutiny
9. Calico Jack lyrics

Calico Jack lyrics

Up with the roger, the vessel is close
Cannons are losded the weapons prepared
Set up more sails the distande grows
They try to escape but we shan't care

Calico Jack Listen and hear my command
Calico Jack I lead you to victory
Calico Jack We shall win in the end
Calico Jack You maybelieve what I foresee

Down with the roger, the vessel's too far
It's time for the flag, no remrse
Anne and Mary, more rum in my jar
I need more refreshment before we set course

Changing the course now, we must fet in touch
Triple afford, he must not escape
Our breath in their neck they feel our grudge
We have to hurry to get them in scrape


Acrid smell of smoke in the air
While flag's rising, mainmast breaks
Ears go deaf by my brother's blare
Upper deck is taken over

All of sudden a yelling cry
Ports turn open, what a mess
Soldiers get out 'n'comrades die
Desperate fights, we're on the loose


John Rackham
You are charged with murder and piracy of the high seas
In the name of Her Majesty you will be taken from this court
And hung, drawn and quartered

What are your last words, accused?


My last words? Ha ha!!!
Who do you think you are?!
What right have you to judge over my destiny?!
Take your pompous words and stick'em where the sundon't shine
I swear we meet again

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check here the lyrics for Calico Jack, the 9th song of the 9 recorded for the album Port Royal, with a total running time of , by Running Wild. It was released on via , and produced by .
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