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TesseracT music lyrics

TesseracT lyrics
TesseracT is a progressive metal band from Reading, UK, that uses math metal, djent, and technical metal elements in their music. TesseracT started out back in 2003 as an archetypal djent band in then-teenage Acle Kahney’s bedroom. What started as an outlet for creativity and experimentation grew and Kahney posted clips of his technically heavy guitar work on forums such as, taking the feedback on board and gradually improving his technique. It was in this way that a community of bedroom producer-musicians were spawned and this new wave of progressive music was created, along with names such as Misha Mansoor (Periphery), Paul Ortiz (Chimp Spanner) and John Browne (Monuments), who was a bandmate of Kahney’s in Fe ...
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TesseracT albums and songs lyrics

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TesseracT - War of being lyrics
War of being lyrics 
War of being at War of being at wikipedia War of being at spotify
War of being lyrics
1. Natural disaster  
2. Echoes  
3. The grey  
4. Legion  
5. Tender  
6. War of being  
7. Sirens  
8. Burden  
9. Sacrifice  
TesseracT - Sonder lyrics
Sonder lyrics 
Sonder at Sonder at wikipedia Sonder at spotify
Sonder lyrics
1. Luminary  
2. King  
3. Orbital  
4. Juno  
5. Beneath my skin  
6. Mirror image  
7. Smile  
8. The arrow  
TesseracT - Polaris lyrics
Polaris lyrics 
Polaris at Polaris at wikipedia Polaris at spotify
Polaris lyrics
1. Dystopia  
2. Hexes  
3. Survival  
4. Tourniquet  
5. Utopia  
6. Phoenix  
7. Messenger  
8. Cages  
9. Seven names  
TesseracT - Altered state lyrics
Altered state lyrics 
Altered state at wikipedia
Altered state lyrics
TesseracT - Perspective lyrics
Perspective lyrics 
Perspective at Perspective at wikipedia
Perspective lyrics
TesseracT - One lyrics
One lyrics 
One lyrics
1. Lament  
2. Nascent  
3. Acceptance  
4. Deception  
5. The Impossible  
6. Perfection  
7. Epiphany  
8. Origin  
9. Sunrise  
10. April  
11. Eden  
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