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Pleymo music lyrics

Pleymo lyrics
Pleymo is a nu metal and rapcore band from Paris, France. Pleymo have sold over 100,000 albums to date. The band’s name apparently originates from the lead singer once having a haircut as a child that was similar to that of Playmobil figures. Beggining and Keçkispasse? (1997-1999) Pleymo started in 1997, and they released a demo with 2 tracks: Nawak and Porn. In 1998, the group as evolved with the exit of Mathias, the guitarrist at the time. Erik de Villoutreys and DJ Frank Bailleul joined the band. Little by little the group was growing and then caught the attention of the producer Stéphane Kraemer In the 15th of Juin 1999 they released they’re first album called: Keçkispasse? signed to the label Wet Music. Episode 2 : Mede...
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Pleymo albums and songs lyrics

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Pleymo - Rock lyrics
Rock lyrics 
Rock lyrics
1. Le Voyage De Rock  
2. Rock  
3. 1977  
4. Divine Excuse  
5. L'insolent  
6. Modaddiction  
7. Sommes-nous?  
8. Zorro  
9. Polyester Mome  
10. Une Vie De Details  
11. Cherubin  
12. Anemia  
13. Kongen  
14. Laugh Calvin  
Pleymo - Episode 2 : Medecine Cake lyrics Episode 2 : Medecine Cake lyrics
1. Intro  
2. Tank Club  
3. New Wave  
4. Kubrick  
5. Tout Le Monde Se Leve  
6. United Nowhere  
7. World  
8. Compact  
9. Ce Soir C'est Grand Soir  
10. Shugga  
11. Star Fm-r  
12. Casino  
13. Muck  
Pleymo - Keckispasse! lyrics
Keckispasse! lyrics 
Keckispasse! lyrics
1. Yallah  
2. Blohm  
3. Frakasse Smala  
4. Silicone Liquid  
5. Nawak  
6. Porn  
7. K-ra  
8. Cosmic Gros Pluck  
9. Bigquick  
10. Soukaripa  
11. Tn  
12. Vost  
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