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Pitchshifter music lyrics

Pitchshifter lyrics
Pitchshifter are a British industrial rock/metal band originally hailing from Nottingham. The band was formed in 1989 by bassist Mark Clayden with his brother and vocalist JS Clayden, with guitarists Johnny Carter and Stuart Toolin. During this time, the band played with local bands and soon gained attention of the Peaceville Records. During this time, JS went to live in France to sell paintings. During 1990, the band started recording their début album, Industrial, with the main vocalist being Mark Clayden instead of JS, who contributed with backing vocals. The band later went on a small tour with bands like Napalm Death. Their first few releases had a distinctive industrial sound where the influential gaze of Godflesh was abun...
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Pitchshifter albums and songs lyrics

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Pitchshifter - Psi lyrics
Psi lyrics 
Psi lyrics
1. Stop Talking (so Loud)  
2. Eight Days  
3. My Kind  
4. Misdirection  
5. Down  
6. Shutdown  
7. Whatever  
8. Screenshot  
9. We Know  
10. Agony  
11. Slip  
12. Shen-an-doath  
Pitchshifter - Deviant lyrics
Deviant lyrics 
Deviant lyrics
Pitchshifter - lyrics lyrics 
942 views lyrics
Pitchshifter - Infotainment? lyrics
Infotainment? lyrics 
Infotainment? lyrics
Pitchshifter - Desensitized lyrics
Desensitized lyrics 
Desensitized lyrics
1. Lesson One  
2. Diable  
3. Ephemerol  
4. Triad  
5. To Die Is Gain  
6. (a Higher Form Of) Killing  
7. Lesson Two  
8. Cathode  
9. N/a  
10. Gathererofdata  
11. Ncm  
12. Routine  
13. Landfill  
Pitchshifter - Submit lyrics
Submit lyrics 
Submit lyrics
Pitchshifter - Industrial lyrics
Industrial lyrics 
Industrial lyrics
1. Landfill  
2. Brutal Cancroid  
3. Gravid Rage  
4. New Flesh  
5. Catharsis  
6. Skin Grip  
7. Inflammator  
8. Eye  
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