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Life of Agony music lyrics

Life of Agony lyrics
Life of Agony is a metal band from Brooklyn, NY who are known to incorporate hardcore and thrash elements into their music. However, some of their music is acoustic. They formed in 1989 after Keith Caputo was looking for musicians to form a rock band, she eventually recruited her cousin, Joey Z on guitar and long-time friend Alan Robert on bass. Type O Negative's drummer Sal Abruscato was hired to record albums ?River Runs Red? and ?Ugly? on drums. He re-joined the band when they reformed in 2003. After releasing two albums with this line-up, Sal left due to musical differences, and recruited a drummer for the recording/touring of ?Soul Searching Sun.? Keith Caputo felt that the band?s ori ...
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Life of Agony albums and songs lyrics

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Life of Agony - The sound of scars lyrics The sound of scars lyrics
1. Prelude  
2. Scars  
3. Black heart  
4. Lay down  
5. Then  
6. Empty hole  
7. My way out  
8. Eliminate  
9. Now  
10. Once below  
11. Stone  
12. Weight of the world  
13. When  
14. I surrender  
Life of Agony - A place where theres no more pain lyrics A place where theres no more pain lyrics
Life of Agony - Broken Valley lyrics
Broken Valley lyrics 
Broken Valley lyrics
Life of Agony - Soul Searching Sun lyrics
Soul Searching Sun lyrics 
Soul Searching Sun lyrics
Life of Agony - Ugly lyrics
Ugly lyrics 
Ugly lyrics
Life of Agony - River Runs Red lyrics
River Runs Red lyrics 
River Runs Red lyrics
1. This Time  
2. Underground  
3. Monday  
4. River Runs Red  
5. Through And Through  
6. Words And Music  
7. Thursday  
8. Bad Seed  
9. My Eyes  
10. Respect  
11. Method Of Groove  
12. The Stain Remains  
13. Friday  
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