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Godflesh music lyrics

Godflesh lyrics
Godflesh are an industrial metal band from Birmingham, England, United Kingdom, formed in 1988 by Justin Karl Broadrick (guitar, vocals, and programming) and G. C. Green (bass). They are highly regarded as one of the founders of industrial metal. The group disbanded in 2002 but reformed in 2010, appearing in few festivals and starting to produce a new studio album. In 1988, Broadrick contacted Green about reforming Fall Of Because, who fell apart in 1987. Justin decided to take over on guitars, and they chose to use a drum machine to replace Justin as a drummer. The newly formed band decided to change their name to Godflesh. Godflesh established a presence in underground music with albums such as Streetcleaner and Pure, which demonst...
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Godflesh albums and songs lyrics

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Godflesh - Purge lyrics
Purge lyrics 
Purge at Purge at wikipedia Purge at spotify
Purge lyrics
Godflesh - Post self lyrics
Post self lyrics 
Post self at wikipedia
Post self lyrics
Godflesh - Decline & fall lyrics
Decline & fall lyrics 
Decline & fall at wikipedia Decline & fall at spotify
Decline & fall lyrics
Godflesh - A world lit only by fire lyrics A world lit only by fire lyrics
Godflesh - Hymns lyrics
Hymns lyrics 
Hymns lyrics
1. Defeated  
2. Deaf, Dumb And Blind  
3. Paralyzed  
4. Anthem  
5. Voidhead  
6. Tyrant  
7. White Flag  
8. For Life  
9. Animals  
10. Vampires  
11. Antihuman  
12. Regal  
13. Jesu  
14. Hidden Track  
Godflesh - Messiah lyrics
Messiah lyrics 
Messiah lyrics
1. Messiah  
2. Wilderness Of Mirrors  
3. Sungod  
4. Scapegoat  
Godflesh - Us And Them lyrics
Us And Them lyrics 
Us And Them lyrics
1. I, Me, Mine  
2. Us And Them  
3. Endgames  
4. Witchunt  
5. Whose Truth Is Your Truth?  
6. Defiled  
7. Bittersweet  
8. Nail  
9. Descent  
10. Controlfreak  
11. The Internal  
12. Live To Lose  
Godflesh - Songs Of Love And Hate lyrics
Songs Of Love And Hate lyrics 
Songs Of Love And Hate lyrics
Godflesh - Selfless lyrics
Selfless lyrics 
Selfless lyrics
1. Xnoybis  
2. Bigot  
3. Black Boned Angel  
4. Anything Is Mine  
5. Empyreal  
6. Crush My Soul  
7. Body Dome Light  
8. Toll  
9. Heartless  
10. Mantra  
11. Go Spread Your Wings  
Godflesh - Merciless lyrics
Merciless lyrics 
Merciless lyrics
1. Merciless  
2. Blind  
3. Unworthy  
4. Flowers  
Godflesh - Pure lyrics
Pure lyrics 
Pure lyrics
Godflesh - Slavestate lyrics
Slavestate lyrics 
Slavestate lyrics
Godflesh - Streetcleaner lyrics
Streetcleaner lyrics 
Streetcleaner lyrics
Godflesh - Godflesh lyrics
Godflesh lyrics 
Godflesh lyrics
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