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Apocalyptica music lyrics

Apocalyptica lyrics
Apocalyptica is a band from Helsinki, Finland consisting of three classically-trained cellists and a drummer. Their speciality is heavy metal music on cellos, though they also play classical music. They started in 1993 by playing covers of Metallica, but once the concept became popular they wrote their own original works, maintaining the thrash metal influences on their albums Inquisition Symphony (mainly covers as well) and Cult. Since Reflections they have added drums to their recordings and live performances. Members: Eicca Toppinen - Cello Perttu Kivilaakso - Cello Paavo Lötjönen - Cello Mikko Sirén - Drums Former members: Sami Kuoppamäki - Session Drums Perttu Kivilaakso - Cello (1995) Antero Manninen - Cello ...
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Apocalyptica albums and songs lyrics

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Apocalyptica - Cell-0 lyrics
Cell-0 lyrics 
Cell-0 at Cell-0 at wikipedia Cell-0 at spotify
Cell-0 lyrics
Apocalyptica - 7th Symphony lyrics
7th Symphony lyrics 
7th Symphony at wikipedia
7th Symphony lyrics
Apocalyptica - Worlds Collide lyrics
Worlds Collide lyrics 
Worlds Collide at wikipedia
Worlds Collide lyrics
1. Worlds Collide  
2. Grace  
3. I'm Not Jesus  
4. Ion  
5. Helden  
6. Stroke  
7. Last Hope  
8. I Don't Care  
9. Burn  
10. Sos (anything But Love)  
11. Peace  
12. Ural  
13. Dreamer  
Apocalyptica - Apocalyptica lyrics
Apocalyptica lyrics 
Apocalyptica at wikipedia
Apocalyptica lyrics
1. Life Burns  
2. Quutamo  
3. Distraction  
4. Bittersweet  
5. Misconstruction  
6. Fisheye  
7. Farewell  
8. Fatal Error  
9. Betrayal / Forgiveness  
10. Ruska  
11. Deathzone  
12. En Vie  
13. How Far  
14. Wie Weit  
Apocalyptica - Seemann lyrics
Seemann lyrics 
Seemann lyrics
1. Seemann  
2. Heat  
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