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Biohazard music lyrics

Biohazard lyrics
Biohazard was one of the first bands to regularly incorporate elements of both hip-hop and hardcore metal into their sound; since their lyrical fare dealt with the harshness of urban life and the resulting anger and frustration, which both genres of music have been known to address, the connection only made sense, especially in light of Anthrax’s highly effective collaboration with Public Enemy on 1991’s “Bring the Noise.” When Biohazard formed in 1988 in Brooklyn, NY, their sound was much closer to the former band than the latter; their original lineup consisted of guitarist/vocalist Billy Graziadei, bassist/vocalist Evan Seinfeld, guitarist Bobby Hambel, and drummer Danny Schuler. They began opening for local hard...
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Biohazard albums and songs lyrics

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Biohazard - Reborn In Defiance lyrics
Reborn In Defiance lyrics 
Reborn In Defiance at wikipedia Reborn In Defiance at spotify
Reborn In Defiance lyrics
Biohazard - Means To An End lyrics
Means To An End lyrics 
Means To An End at wikipedia
Means To An End lyrics
Biohazard - Kill Or Be Killed lyrics
Kill Or Be Killed lyrics 
Kill Or Be Killed at wikipedia
Kill Or Be Killed lyrics
Biohazard - Uncivilization lyrics
Uncivilization lyrics 
Uncivilization at wikipedia
Uncivilization lyrics
1. Sellout  
2. Uncivilization  
3. Wide Awake  
4. Get Away  
5. Unified  
6. Gone  
7. Letter Go  
8. Last Man Standing  
9. Hffk  
10. Domination  
11. Trap  
12. Plastic  
13. Cross The Line  
Biohazard - New World Disorder lyrics
New World Disorder lyrics 
New World Disorder at wikipedia
New World Disorder lyrics
1. Resist  
2. Switchback  
3. Salvation  
4. End Of My Rope  
5. All For None  
6. Breakdown  
7. Inner Fear On  
8. Abandon In Place  
9. Skin  
10. Camouflage  
11. Decline  
12. Cycle Of Abuse  
13. Dogs Of War  
14. New World Disorder  
Biohazard - Mata Leao lyrics
Mata Leao lyrics 
Mata Leao at wikipedia
Mata Leao lyrics
1. Authority  
2. These Eyes (have Seen)  
3. Stigmatized  
4. Control  
5. Cleansing  
6. Competition  
7. Modern Democracy  
8. Better Days  
9. Gravity  
10. A Lot To Learn  
11. Waiting To Die  
12. A Way  
13. True Strengths  
14. Thorn  
15. In Vain  
Biohazard - State Of The World Address lyrics State Of The World Address lyrics
Biohazard - Urban discipline lyrics Urban discipline lyrics
Biohazard - Biohazard lyrics
Biohazard lyrics 
Biohazard at wikipedia
Biohazard lyrics
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