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August Burns Red music lyrics

August Burns Red lyrics
August Burns Red is a metalcore band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, US. “We had our name because in high school, one of our best friends, Jon Hershey, was also our vocalist at the time. But, right before he joined the band, he was dating this girl named August. The relationship got a bit out of hand, and he really wanted to end it. So, he ended the relationship and instead of just getting sad about it, she got really, really, really, angry, and Jon at the time had a dog named Redd. It was an Irish setter and it had red fur and everything. So, she got really mad, went up to his house, and burned his dog Redd alive, in his dog house. The name and everything comes from, because the next day, the headline of the newspaper in the local ...
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August Burns Red albums and songs lyrics

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August Burns Red - Death Below lyrics
Death Below lyrics 
Death Below at Death Below at wikipedia Death Below at spotify
Death Below lyrics
1. Premonition  
2. The cleansing  
3. Ancestry  
4. Tightrope  
5. Fool's god in the bear trap  
6. Backfire  
7. Revival  
8. Sevink  
9. Dark divide  
10. Deathbolt  
11. The abyss  
12. Reckoning  
August Burns Red - Guardians sessions lyrics
Guardians sessions lyrics 
Guardians sessions lyrics
August Burns Red - Guardians lyrics
Guardians lyrics 
Guardians at
Guardians lyrics
August Burns Red - Phantom anthem lyrics
Phantom anthem lyrics 
Phantom anthem at Phantom anthem at spotify
Phantom anthem lyrics
1. King of sorrow  
2. Hero of the half truth  
3. The frost  
4. Lifeline  
5. Invisible enemy  
6. Quake  
7. Coordinates  
8. Generations  
9. Float  
10. Dangerous  
11. Carbon copy  
12. Laniakea  
August Burns Red - Found in far away places lyrics Found in far away places lyrics
August Burns Red - Rescue & restore lyrics Rescue & restore lyrics
August Burns Red - Leveler lyrics
Leveler lyrics 
Leveler at Leveler at wikipedia Leveler at spotify
Leveler lyrics
1. Empire  
2. Internal cannon  
3. Divisions  Divisions Youtube video included
4. Cutting the ties  
5. Pangaea  
6. Carpe diem  
7. 40 nights  
8. Salt & light  
9. Poor millonaire  Poor millonaire Youtube video included
10. 1/16/2011  
11. Boys of fall  
12. Leveler  
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