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Chimaira music lyrics

Chimaira lyrics
Chimaira (pronounced /kaɪˈmɪərə/) is an American metal band from Cleveland, Ohio, formed in 1998. The band is a notable member of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal. Their band name is derived from the word Chimera, a monstrous creature in Greek mythology. They play a style of mainly groove metal, with some metalcore, industrial metal, and death metal influences. Chimaira was formed in 1998 by rhythm guitarist Jason Hager, and vocalist Mark Hunter. The pair recruited Jason Genaro on drums and Andrew Ermlick on bass to complete the line-up. Their first EP, This Present Darkness, was released on January 11, 2000, on East Coast Empire records. This EP featured a few songs that were later re-recorded for their major label release on...
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Chimaira albums and songs lyrics

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Chimaira - Pass Out Of Existence lyrics Pass Out Of Existence lyrics
1. Let Go  
2. Dead Inside  
3. Severed  
4. Lumps  
5. Pass Out Of Existence  
6. Abeo  
7. Sp Lit  
8. Painting The White To Grey  
9. Taste My  
10. Rizzo  
11. Sphere  
12. Forced Life  
13. Options  
14. Jade  
Chimaira - This Present Darkness lyrics This Present Darkness lyrics
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