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Otep music lyrics

Otep lyrics
Otep is an alternative metal band formed in 2000 in Los Angeles, California by Otep Shamaya. The band originally formed as a four-piece nu metal band and were invited to play Ozzfest before they had even signed to a label after Sharon Osbourne witnessed a brief part of their live performance. They’ve since played Ozzfest several times. Otep have since released five full-length albums featuring many session musicians including Greg Wells, Joey Jordison of Slipknot, Koichi Fukuda of Static-X, Emilie Autumn, Tony Campos of Soulfly and Asesino (ex-Static-X), and Ulrich Wild. Their first three albums, Sevas Tra, House of Secrets, and The Ascension, were released on Capitol Records. However, after the label’s merging with Virg...
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Otep albums and songs lyrics

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Otep - Generation doom lyrics
Generation doom lyrics 
Generation doom at
Generation doom lyrics
1. Zero  
2. Feeding frenzy  
3. Lords of war  
4. Royals  
5. In cold blood  
6. Down  
7. God is a gun  
8. Equal rights, equal lefts  
9. No color  
10. Lie  
11. Generation doom  
12. On the shore  
13. More fire  
Otep - Hydra lyrics
Hydra lyrics 
Hydra at Hydra at spotify
Hydra lyrics
1. Rising  
2. Blowtorch nightlight  
3. Seduce & destroy  
4. Crush  
5. Hematopia  
6. Necromantic  
7. Quarantine  
8. Voyeur  
9. Apex predator  
10. Feral game  
11. Livestock  
12. Hag  
13. Theophagy  
Otep - Sounds like armageddon lyrics
Sounds like armageddon lyrics 
Sounds like armageddon lyrics
Otep - Atavist lyrics
Atavist lyrics 
Atavist at wikipedia Atavist at spotify
Atavist lyrics
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