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Blackfield music lyrics

Blackfield lyrics
Blackfield is a collaboration between Israeli singer-songwriter Aviv Geffen and British musician and producer Steven Wilson. Two years back and forth on the London, England - Tel Aviv, Israel flight path, a mutual artistic curiosity, and a close friendship gave birth to the Blackfield project. Aviv Geffen, a highly successful solo artist and outspoken (not to mention controversial) peace campaigner, with a string of gold albums in his own country, discovered the music of Steven’s band Porcupine Tree in the mid 1990s and followed their career development. In 2000 he invited the band to perform some concerts in Israel and met with Steven in London to discuss the idea. Something clicked and before long they had a ...
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Blackfield albums and songs lyrics

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Blackfield - V lyrics
V lyrics 
V at V at wikipedia V at spotify
V lyrics
Blackfield - IV lyrics
IV lyrics 
IV at IV at wikipedia
IV lyrics
1. Pills  
2. Springtime  
3. Xray  
4. Sense of insanity  
5. Firefly  
6. The only fool is me  
7. Jupiter  
8. Kissed by the devil  
9. Lost souls  
10. Faking  
11. After the rain  
Blackfield - Welcome to my DNA lyrics
Welcome to my DNA lyrics 
Welcome to my DNA at wikipedia
Welcome to my DNA lyrics
1. Glass house  
2. Go to hell  
3. Rising of the tide  
4. Waving  
5. Far away  
6. Dissolving with the night  
7. Blood  
8. On the plane  
9. Oxygen  
10. Zigota  
11. DNA  
Blackfield - Blackfield Ii lyrics
Blackfield Ii lyrics 
Blackfield Ii at wikipedia
Blackfield Ii lyrics
Blackfield - Blackfield lyrics
Blackfield lyrics 
Blackfield at wikipedia
Blackfield lyrics
1. Open Mind  
2. Blackfield  
3. Glow  
4. Scars  
5. Lullaby  
6. Pain  
7. Summer  
8. Cloudy Now  
9. The Hole In Me  
10. Hello  
11. Perfect World  
12. Where Is My Love?  
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