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Caliban music lyrics

Caliban lyrics
Metalcore band, formed in Germany in 1997. Caliban, a metalcore band, was formed in Germany in 1997 under the name Never Again. After 6 months of playing together, the band recorded their first two songs for a compilation, which was never released. The songs were sent to several record labels, and Lifeforce Records was the first to offer the band a record deal. The band’s first self-titled MCD came out in the summer of 1998. To promote the CD, Caliban played many shows all over Europe and a few support shows for bands like Morning Again, Earth Crisis, and Cro-Mags. After their European tour, in 1999 Caliban entered the studio to record their first full-length CD, entitled A Sma ...
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Caliban albums and songs lyrics

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Caliban - Elements lyrics
Elements lyrics 
Elements at Elements at spotify
Elements lyrics
Caliban - Gravity lyrics
Gravity lyrics 
Gravity at Gravity at spotify
Gravity lyrics
Caliban - Ghost empire lyrics
Ghost empire lyrics 
Ghost empire at Ghost empire at wikipedia Ghost empire at spotify
Ghost empire lyrics
Caliban - I am nemesis lyrics
I am nemesis lyrics 
I am nemesis at wikipedia
I am nemesis lyrics
Caliban - Coverfield lyrics
Coverfield lyrics 
Coverfield at
Coverfield lyrics
Caliban - Say hello to tradegy lyrics Say hello to tradegy lyrics
Caliban - The Awakening lyrics
The Awakening lyrics 
The Awakening at wikipedia
The Awakening lyrics
Caliban - The undying darkness lyrics The undying darkness lyrics
Caliban - The Opposite From Within lyrics The Opposite From Within lyrics
Caliban - Shadow Hearts lyrics
Shadow Hearts lyrics 
Shadow Hearts at wikipedia
Shadow Hearts lyrics
Caliban - Vent lyrics
Vent lyrics 
Vent at wikipedia
Vent lyrics
Caliban - A Small Boy And A Grey Heaven lyrics A Small Boy And A Grey Heaven lyrics
Caliban - Caliban lyrics
Caliban lyrics 
Caliban at wikipedia
Caliban lyrics
1. One More Lie  
2. Sophisticated  
3. Empty Silence  
4. Ignorance  
5. Sick  
6. One Day  
Caliban - Dystopia lyrics
Dystopia lyrics 
Dystopia at Dystopia at spotify
Dystopia lyrics
1. Dystopia  
2. Ascent of the blessed  
3. VisUS  
4. Phantom pain  
5. Alien  
6. sWords  
7. Darkness i become  
8. Dragon  
9. Hibernate  
10. Mother  
11. The world breaks everyone  
12. Divided  
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