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Visions (southern Cross) lyrics by Stratovarius

Stratovarius Visions (southern Cross) lyrics
  • track 10 of 16, total running time
  • album Visions Of Europe
  • released in 1998
  • produced by
  • record label
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Visions (southern Cross) song lyrics

I have seen the future of mankind
The wisdom of my prophecies you'll find
Follow the truth and be careful, are we the last?
Hundred years has passed what have we done
Inconceivable damage under the sun
I think it's too late to change the man - we are the last

The World keeps turning while people yearn for more
Mother nature is crying for a change
The time will come when we all must pay for what
We have done are you prepared for that?

As we are reaching the end
Of the century there's message we can send
Be strong and bold and never lose your mind
Cause we are the last

Signs of the end I see
Let them hear my voice in every corner of the world
Take heed of the warnings that I give
I have seen the southern cross forming in the sky
'There shall be heard in the air the noise of weapons
And in the same year the divines shall be enemies
They shall unjustly put down the holy laws
And by thunder and war true believers shall die'
Nostradamus: Century IV:43

'For forty years the rainbow shall not appear
For forty years it shall be seen every day
The parched earth shall wax drier every day
And a great flood when it shall appear'
Nostradamus: Century I:17

After us the road goes on forever
Many changes lie along the path
That's the price we pay for our selfishness
We are headed for the end

'From the skies shall come the powerful kind
Before and after the Mars reigns at will
Not far from the great age of Millennium
Buried ones shall come out of their graves'
Nostradamus: Century X:72,74

When the comet tears out the sky
You and I must die
After all this the time will come for the chosen ones
To rise from their graves to be free again

The beast is gone forever there's no more pain
Instead so many things for us to attain
The sun is shining brightly after the rain
The land is green and full of life again

The sorrows wiped away now
It's time to smile
And learn from the past
Together we will try

Twenty years of reign of the moon having past
Seven thousand years another shall hold his monarchy
When the sun shall resume his days past
Then is fulfilled and ends my prophecy
Nostradamus: Century I:48

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check here the lyrics for Visions (southern Cross), the 10th song of the 16 recorded for the album Visions Of Europe, with a total running time of , by Stratovarius. It was released on via , and produced by .
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