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A Perfect Circle music lyrics

A Perfect Circle lyrics
A Perfect Circle is a rock band conceived by Billy Howerdel, a former guitar technician for David Bowie, Guns N’ Roses, Nine Inch Nails, The Smashing Pumpkins, Fishbone and Tool. Howerdel met singer Maynard James Keenan in 1992 when Fishbone was opening for Tool, and the two became friends. Three years later, Keenan offered Howerdel, who was looking for lodging, a room in his North Hollywood home. This provided Howerdel the opportunity to play demos of his music for Keenan. Pleased with what he heard, Keenan remarked, “I can hear myself singing [those songs].” Although he originally desired a female vocalist, Howerdel agreed that Keenan would be a good fit, and A Perfect Circle was formed a short time later. They were the...
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A Perfect Circle albums and songs lyrics

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A Perfect Circle - Eat the elephant lyrics Eat the elephant lyrics
A Perfect Circle - eMOTIVe lyrics
eMOTIVe lyrics 
eMOTIVe at eMOTIVe at wikipedia eMOTIVe at spotify
eMOTIVe lyrics
A Perfect Circle - Thirdteen step lyrics
Thirdteen step lyrics 
Thirdteen step at Thirdteen step at wikipedia Thirdteen step at spotify
Thirdteen step lyrics
1. The package  
2. Weak and powerless  Weak and powerless Youtube video included
3. The noose  
4. Blue  
5. Vanishing  
6. A stranger  
7. The outsider  The outsider Youtube video included
8. Crimes  
9. The nurse who loved me  
10. Pet  
11. Lullaby  
12. Gravity  
A Perfect Circle - Mer de noms lyrics
Mer de noms lyrics 
Mer de noms at Mer de noms at wikipedia Mer de noms at spotify
Mer de noms lyrics
1. The hollow  
2. Magadalena  
3. Rose  
4. Judith  Judith Youtube video included
5. Orestes  
6. 3 libras  3 libras Youtube video included
7. Sleeping beauty  
8. Thomas  
9. Renholder  
10. Thinking of you  Thinking of you Youtube video included
11. Brena  
12. Over  
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