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Pixies music lyrics

Pixies lyrics
Pixies is an American alternative rock band which formed in Boston, Massachusetts, United States in 1986. They consist of Charles (Black Francis) Thompson IV (vocals, guitar; also known as ??Frank Black??), Kim Deal (bass, vocals), Joey Santiago (guitar) and David Lovering (drums). The band officially split in 1993 and reunited in 2004. They went on hiatus in 2007, with each band member pursuing projects of their own, only to reunite in 2009, with the announcement of a new tour commencing in Europe that summer. Although quite popular on alternative rock radio in the United States due to heavy airplay of the singles ?Monkey Gone to Heaven? and ?Here Comes Your Man?, they were never widely ...
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Pixies albums and songs lyrics

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Pixies - Doggerel lyrics
Doggerel lyrics 
Doggerel at Doggerel at wikipedia Doggerel at spotify
Doggerel lyrics
Pixies - Beneath the eyrie lyrics Beneath the eyrie lyrics
Pixies - Head Carrier lyrics
Head Carrier lyrics 
Head Carrier at Head Carrier at wikipedia Head Carrier at spotify
Head Carrier lyrics
Pixies - Indie cindy lyrics
Indie cindy lyrics 
Indie cindy at Indie cindy at wikipedia
Indie cindy lyrics
Pixies - Trompe le monde lyrics
Trompe le monde lyrics 
Trompe le monde at Trompe le monde at wikipedia Trompe le monde at spotify
Trompe le monde lyrics
Pixies - Bossanova lyrics
Bossanova lyrics 
Bossanova at Bossanova at wikipedia Bossanova at spotify
Bossanova lyrics
1. Cecilia ann  
2. Rock music  
3. Velouria  
4. Allison  
5. Is she weird  
6. Ana  
7. All over the world  
8. Dig for fire  
9. Down to the well  
10. The happening  
11. Blown away  
12. Hang wire  
13. Stormy weather  
14. Havalina  
Pixies - Doolittle lyrics
Doolittle lyrics 
Doolittle at Doolittle at wikipedia Doolittle at spotify
Doolittle lyrics
1. Debaser  
2. Tame  
3. Wave of mutilation  
4. I bleed  
5. Here comes your man  
6. Dead  
7. Monkey gone to heaven  
8. Mr. Grieves  
9. Crackity jones  
10. La la loves you  
11. No 13 baby  
12. There goes my gun  
13. Hey  
14. Silver  
15. Gouge away  
Pixies - Surfer rosa lyrics
Surfer rosa lyrics 
Surfer rosa at Surfer rosa at wikipedia Surfer rosa at spotify
Surfer rosa lyrics
Pixies - Come on pilgrim lyrics
Come on pilgrim lyrics 
Come on pilgrim at Come on pilgrim at wikipedia Come on pilgrim at spotify
Come on pilgrim lyrics
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