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Nihilist blues song lyrics - Bring Me The Horizon music

Bring Me The Horizon Nihilist blues lyrics
  • track 3 of 13, total running time 51:54
  • album Amo
  • released in January 25, 2019
  • produced by Oliver Sykes, Jordan Fish
  • record label Sony Music , RCA Records
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Nihilist blues lyrics

'Cause you're my only destiny
'Cause you're my only destiny

I?ve been climbing up the walls
To escape the sinking feeling
But I can?t hide the nihilist at my door
Buried in the basement floor
Didn?t know the seed I planted
It blossomed with all the heart of a cold war
I?m a spirit in a tomb
Won?t somebody raise the roof
I?m going white, I?m going black, I?m going blue
Do you mind if I?m exhumed
I?m the ashes in the plume
Always watching over doom
I?m peaking out, I?m burning up, I?m shooting through
I can?t get out cos now I know that this
Paradise is in my soul
And I?m terrified so I can?t get out
I?m lost in a labyrinth
We are lost in a labyrinth
You were in my dream last night
But your face was someone else?s
A twitch in my spine, the features disorder
Isolation neophyte
Too afraid to taste your conscience
Wonder on blind
Like a lamb to the slaughter
I crawl to the landing
Isolated in the
Isolation feels so warm
You mouthed something silently
It?s so warm
But such a waste

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check here the lyrics for Nihilist blues, the 3th song of the 13 recorded for the album Amo, with a total running time of 51:54, by Bring Me The Horizon. It was released on January 25, 2019 via Sony Music , RCA Records, and produced by Oliver Sykes, Jordan Fish.
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