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Endo music lyrics

Endo lyrics
1/ Endo were a four-piece nu metal/hard rock music group from Miami, Florida. The band formed in 1995 with Lou Orenstein, Diego Ponsa, Reggie Barret, and Gil Bitton. A local production company, “Concrete Management”, signed the band in the late 90’s, where they opened for such bands as the Foo Fighters and Static-X. They were later signed to DV8/Columbia Records, and released two major albums in Evolve (2001) and Songs for the Restless (2003). The group also appeared at the Ozzfest Tour in 2003. The band parted ways with DV8/Columbia in April 2004, and at the time had five new tracks in the recording process. Endo posted news on their MySpace blog in November of 2005, announcing that a new album was close to being f...
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Endo albums and songs lyrics

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Endo - Songs For The Restless lyrics Songs For The Restless lyrics
1. Clean Sheets (and A Dirty Mind)  
2. Simple Lies  
3. For You  
4. Remember Us  
5. In Time We'll Fall  
6. Circles  
7. Madness  
8. Enemy  
9. Shame  
10. I Wont Die  
11. Ruckus  
12. Slowly Turning  
Endo - Evolve lyrics
Evolve lyrics 
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Evolve lyrics
1. Mindset  
2. Leave us alone  
3. Penicillin  
4. G.A.D.  
5. Listen  
6. Drowning  
7. Suffer  Suffer Youtube video included
8. Malice  
9. The program  
10. Beat around the bush  
11. Burn  
12. The getaway  
13. Save us  
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