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Blooms of oblivion song lyrics - Emma Ruth Rundle music

Emma Ruth Rundle Blooms of oblivion lyrics
  • track 2 of 8, total running time 40:49
  • album Engine of hell
  • released in November 5, 2021
  • produced by
  • record label Sargent House
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Engine of hell tracklist

2021 via Sargent House

1. Return
2. Blooms of oblivion lyrics
3. Body
4. The company
5. Dancing man
6. Razor's edge
7. Citadel
8. In my afterlife

Blooms of oblivion lyrics

Judas, come close to me, visit in visions
Tell me the story of how
You swing like an actor in the greyest of gardens
Your tongue hanging free from you mouth

Down at the methadone clinic we waited
Hoping to take home your cure
The curdling cowards, the crackle of china
You say that it's making you pure

And just like Flowers for Algernon something's diminished
There's a love like you've never known pinned to your finish
One, two, six underfoot and you will rise
And in all of your blooms of oblivion I love you
I love you, see?

Maker, I'm close to you to deal your departure
To make sure you're nailed to the ground
And all of the glamours, of treacherous traitors
Have all run away from you now

And I will stand over you to breathe in your vapor
As pieces and parts, they dissolve
You plead you as failure, you wait for a savior
But leave knowing nothing's resolved

And we bring flowers from Albion up to your vision
Hold back the love that you've never known, you've only this prison
Straight to the hangman's noose, are we born this way?
Handing down a fistful of sorries you will never say
I love you, see?

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check here the lyrics for Blooms of oblivion, the 2th song of the 8 recorded for the album Engine of hell, with a total running time of 40:49, by Emma Ruth Rundle. It was released on November 5, 2021 via Sargent House, and produced by .
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