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Buju Banton music lyrics

Buju Banton lyrics
Buju Banton (born Mark Myrie 1973) is a Jamaican dancehall, ragga, and reggae singer. He was born in a slum near Kingston, Jamaica called Salt Lane. "Buju" is a nickname which is of Breadfruit. The name is ironic in light of Mark Myrie's slim frame and large head, but it is, nevertheless, the nickname his mother gave him as a child. "Banton" is a Jamaican word referring to someone with a superior attitude and a gift with speech, but it was also the name of a local artist Burro Banton that Buju admired as a child. It was Burro's rough gravelly vocals that Buju emulated and ultimately made his own. Buju's mother was a higgler, or street vendor while his father worked as a labourer at a tile factory. He was one of fifteen children born into a family which was directly descended from the Maroo...
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Buju Banton albums and songs lyrics

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Buju Banton - Upside down 2020 lyrics Upside down 2020 lyrics
1. Lamb of god  
2. Yes mi friend  
3. Buried alive  
4. Blessed  
5. Memories  
6. Lovely state of mind  
7. Appreciated  
8. Trust  
9. Cherry pie  
10. Beat dem bad  
11. Good time girl  
12. Call me  
13. Moonlight love  
14. Cheated  
15. Steppa  
16. The world is changing  
17. 400 years  
18. Rising up  
19. Helping hand  
20. Unity  
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