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10 Years music lyrics

10 Years lyrics
Jesse Hasek - vocals Ryan ?Tater? Johnson - guitar Lewis Cosby - bass Brian Vodinh - guitar/drums The members of 10 Years might not have used the word crossroads when they began the making of their newest Universal Republic album, but all would concur the wolf was at the door. Figuratively and literally - agree frontman Jesse Hasek and bassist Lewis Cosby; Fighting off the most unforgiving of predatory assaults that comes with the territory of a respected, veteran band like 10 Years who bears the scars of every battle won or lost along the way. The close-knit members? core creed has always demanded they set their own standards - answering only to their collective challenges as a band, wolves and ...
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10 Years albums and songs lyrics

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10 Years - Violent allies lyrics
Violent allies lyrics 
Violent allies at Violent allies at wikipedia Violent allies at spotify
Violent allies lyrics
1. The shift  
2. The unknown  
3. Waiting  
4. Deja vu  
5. Without you  
6. Cut the cord  
7. Planets III  
8. Sleep in the fire  
9. I wish  
10. Start again  
11. Planest IV  
12. Say goodbye  
10 Years - (How to live) as ghosts lyrics (How to live) as ghosts lyrics
1. The messenger  
2. Novacaine  
3. Burnout  
4. Catacombs  
5. Ghosts  
6. Blood red sky  
7. Phantoms  
8. Vampires  
9. Halos  
10. Lucky you  
11. Insomnia  
10 Years - From birth to burial lyrics From birth to burial lyrics
10 Years - Feeding the wolves lyrics Feeding the wolves lyrics
10 Years - Division lyrics
Division lyrics 
Division at Division at wikipedia Division at spotify
Division lyrics
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