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Fire for water lyrics by Greg Puciato

Greg Puciato Fire for water lyrics
  • track 1 of 15, total running time 64:05
  • album Child soldier: creator of god
  • released in October 9, 2020
  • produced by Nick Rowe
  • record label Federal Prisoner
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Child soldier: creator of god tracklist

released 2020 via Federal Prisoner

1. Fire for water lyrics
2. Deep set
3. Heaven in stone
4. Creator of god
5. Temporary object
6. Fireflies
7. Do you need me to remind you?
8. Roach hiss
9. Down when i'm not
10. You know i do
11. Through the walls
12. A pair of questions
13. Evacuation
14. Heartfree
15. September city

Fire for water song lyrics

Oh God who lives in hell
How glad I am to see you
You covet the acid from collected tears
Make me believe that I don't need you
Hiding the broken legs
Heroic vocation

If left to die you'd eat your young
It won't be easy to believe
I'm sure you've been taken advantage of
Advantage of
Advantage of

Blood cover won't steal my name
And now you won't ever hold it again

Give your love to no one
If you can't control them
Looking at me
Doesn't matter
Listen to me
You might find your answer

No detection but the mark has been made
They are all your children
Now they all grow stronger
Broken in two
Divided attention
I won't give health
To feed your addiction

You won't get help
You feed your addiction
You feed your addiction
Too late to find any way to go on

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check here the lyrics for Fire for water, the 1th song of the 15 recorded for the album Child soldier: creator of god, with a total running time of 64:05, by Greg Puciato. It was released on October 9, 2020 via Federal Prisoner, and produced by Nick Rowe.
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