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Fiona Apple music lyrics

Fiona Apple lyrics
Fiona Apple (Fiona Apple McAfee Maggart, born September 13, 1977) is an American singer-songwriter and pianist. Her albums, Tidal (1996), When the Pawn... (1999), Extraordinary Machine (2005) and The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do (2012), have sold over five million copies worldwide. Born in Manhattan, New York, United States, Apple made her break into the music industry when a friend, who babysat for a record executive, handed her employer a demo. Apple's husky voice, nimble piano skills, and mature lyrics got the attention of Sony executive Andy Slater, who signed her to a record deal. In 1996, Apple's debut album Tidal was released by a subsidiary of Sony. The album went on to sell 3 million copies (...
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Fiona Apple albums and songs lyrics

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Fiona Apple - Fetch the bolt cutters lyrics Fetch the bolt cutters lyrics
1. Ladies  
2. Newspapper  
3. Under the table  
4. Rack of his  
5. On i go  
6. I want you to love me  
7. Heavy balloon  
8. For her  
9. Fetch the bolt cutters  
10. Shameika  
11. Drumset  
12. Relay  
13. Cosmonauts  
Fiona Apple - The idle wheel is wiser lyrics The idle wheel is wiser lyrics
1. Every single night  
2. Daredevil  
3. Valentine  
4. Jonathan  
5. Left alone  
6. Werewolf  
7. Periphery  
8. Regret  
9. Anything we want  
10. Hot knife  
11. Largo  
Fiona Apple - Extraordinary machine lyrics Extraordinary machine lyrics
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