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Living Colour music lyrics

Living Colour lyrics
Living Color is a funk metal gathering shaped in New York city in 1984. They marked to Epic Records in 1987 and discharged their first collection, Vivid, in 1988.
Elaborately their music is an inventive combination impacted by guitar-based shake, for example, in-your-face punk and overwhelming metal, and conventional African-American music, for example, jazz, funk, and hip-jump. They are connected to the funk metal/elective metal development of the late 1980s exemplified by groups, for example, Fishbone, Jane's Addiction, Primus, Faith No More, and day in and day out Spyz. They are best associated with the hit Cult of Personality, which won a Grammy Award for best hard shake execution in 1989. They were additionally named Best New Artist at the 1989 MTV Video Music Awards. The arti...
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Living Colour albums and songs lyrics

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Living Colour - Shade lyrics
Shade lyrics 
Shade at wikipedia
Shade lyrics
Living Colour - The chair in the doorway lyrics The chair in the doorway lyrics
1. Burned bridges  Burned bridges Youtube video included
2. The chair  The chair Youtube video included
3. Decadance  Decadance Youtube video included
4. Young man  
5. Method  
6. Behind the sun  Behind the sun Youtube video included
7. Bless those  Bless those Youtube video included
8. Hard times  
9. Taught me  
10. Out of mind  
11. Not tomorrow  
12. Asshole  
Living Colour - Stain lyrics
Stain lyrics 
Stain at Stain at wikipedia Stain at spotify
Stain lyrics
1. Go away  
2. Ignorance is bliss  
3. Leave it alone  
4. Bi  
5. Mind your own business  
6. Auslander  
7. Never satisfied  
8. Nothingness  Nothingness Youtube video included
9. Postman  
10. WTFF  
11. This little pig  
12. Hemp  
13. Wall  
Living Colour - Vivid lyrics
Vivid lyrics 
Vivid at Vivid at wikipedia Vivid at spotify
Vivid lyrics
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