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Leprous music lyrics

Leprous lyrics
Leprous is a youthful, five piece dynamic metal band hailing from the metal town of Notodden, Norway, home of groups, for example, Emperor, Zyklon, Ihsahn, CIrcus Maximus, and some more. Since Leprous was established in 2001, they've experienced a couple of changes in the line-up, and now comprises of Einar Solberg (synth/vocals), Tor Oddmund Suhrke (guitar), Rein Blomquist (bass), Øystein Landsverk (guitar) and Baard Kolstad (drums) The youthful quintet have officially made themselves unmistakable on the Norwegian prog-and metal scene, and double the band has made the finals in the Norwegian Rock Championship. Other than Leprous, the folks in Leprous are as of now acting as a session band of solo craftsman "Ihsahn", otherwise called the front figure of the unbelievable dark metal band...
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Leprous albums and songs lyrics

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Leprous - Aphelion lyrics
Aphelion lyrics 
Aphelion lyrics
Leprous - Castaway Angels lyrics
Castaway Angels lyrics 
Castaway Angels at spotify
Castaway Angels lyrics
Leprous - Pitfalls lyrics
Pitfalls lyrics 
Pitfalls at Pitfalls at wikipedia Pitfalls at spotify
Pitfalls lyrics
Leprous - Malina lyrics
Malina lyrics 
Malina at Malina at wikipedia Malina at spotify
Malina lyrics
1. Bonneville  
2. Stuck  
3. From the flame  
4. Captive  
5. Illuminate  
6. Leashes  
7. Mirage  
8. Malina  
9. Coma  
10. The weight of disaster  
11. The last milestone  
Leprous - The congregation lyrics The congregation lyrics
1. The price  
2. Third law  
3. Rewind  
4. The flood  
5. Triumphant  
6. Within my fence  
7. Red  
8. Slave  
9. Moon  
10. Down  
11. Lower  
12. Pixel  
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