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Earache my eye lyrics by Korn

Korn Earache my eye lyrics
  • track 14 of 14, total running time
  • album Follow the leader
  • released in 1998
  • produced by
  • record label
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Follow the leader tracklist

released 1998 via

1. It's on
2. Freak on a leash Freak on a leash Youtube video included
3. Got the life Got the life Youtube video included
4. Dead bodies everywhere
5. Children of the korn
6. B.B.K.
7. Pretty
8. All in the family
9. Reclaim my place
10. Justin
11. Seed
12. Cameltosis
13. My gift to you
14. Earache my eye lyrics

Earache my eye song lyrics

Cheech Marin:
Dun nun nun, dun nun nun, DUN DUN DUN!


My mama's talkin' to me,
try to tell me how to live,
but I don't listen to her
'cause my head is like a sieve.

My daddy, he disowned me
'cause I wear my sisters clothes.
He caught me in the bathroom
with a pair of pantyhose.

My basketball coach,
he done kick me off the team.
For wearing high heel sneakers
and acting like a queen.

Gonna tie my pecker to a tree, to a tree.
Gonna tie my pecker to a tree.

Gonna tie his pecker to a tree.

Get your boogie on.

Go Head.

Cheech Marin:
The earth is coming to an end
and I don't even care.
As long as I have my bitch,
oh and my fly gear.

It don't bother me,
if people think I'm funny.
'Cause I'm a big rock star,
and I'm makin' lots of money!

Money! Money! Money! Money!

Are you talking pesos?

Cheech Marin:
Money, ka-ching! Ka-ching!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Lots of money. (x3)
I'm so bloody rich!
Lots of money.
Lots of muthafuckin' money.
I get rich.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I own shopping centers, and parking lots,
and stars, and all that shit!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I own you! Ha! You too! You three!
For me, hee hee, hoh hoh.

Groove on.
Let's bring it back one more time, Jonathan.
Jonathan on them drums, getting ever slower.
More groovin', slow that shit down crazy slow.
Come on. Death. Right here. Slow. Ah!
Don't give a fuck, break it out.
You even know Boy George is on heroin.
We don't give a fuck.
Rick James is in the crack house.
I'm fuckin' paying, that's all that matters.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ahh, ha, ha, ha!

The bomb is a fuckin in the house!
Loco! Ooooh ahhh oooo!
Gimme some!

Cheech Marin:
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

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check here the lyrics for Earache my eye, the 14th song of the 14 recorded for the album Follow the leader, with a total running time of , by Korn. It was released on via , and produced by .
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