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Florence + The Machine music lyrics

Florence + The Machine lyrics
Florence + the Machine (a stylisation of Florence and The Machine), is a London, UK, art pop band led by singer-songwriter Florence Welch and formed in 2007. The band consists of: Florence Welch (vocals), Robert Ackroyd (guitar), Isabella Summers (aka Isa machine - keyboards), Tom Monger (harp), Mark Saunders (bass, percussion), Christopher Lloyd Hayden (drums, backing vocals), Rusty Bradshaw (keyboard, backing vocals) and Sam White (backing vocals). Lead singer, Florence Welch, was an art-college drop-out, from Camberwell (London), who was discovered singing motown covers in a nightclub toilet, drunk. ”The Machine” name originated with an in-joke between Welch and Summers. Musically, Florence + the Machine’s sound is so ...
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Florence + The Machine albums and songs lyrics

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Florence + The Machine - Dance fever lyrics
Dance fever lyrics 
Dance fever at Dance fever at wikipedia Dance fever at spotify
Dance fever lyrics
1. King  
2. Free  
3. Choreomania  
4. Back in town  
5. Girls against god  
6. Dream girl evil  
7. Prayer factory  
8. Cassandra  
9. Heaven is here  
10. Daffodil  
11. My love  
12. Restraint  
13. The bomb  
14. Morning elvis  
15. Search and destroy  
Florence + The Machine - My favorite ghosts lyrics My favorite ghosts lyrics
Florence + The Machine - High as hope lyrics
High as hope lyrics 
High as hope at High as hope at wikipedia High as hope at spotify
High as hope lyrics
1. June  
2. Hunger  
3. South london forever  
4. Big god  
5. Sky full of song  
6. Grace  
7. Patricia  
8. 100 years  
9. The end of love  
10. No choir  
Florence + The Machine - How big, how blue, how beautiful lyrics How big, how blue, how beautiful lyrics
Florence + The Machine - Ceremonials lyrics
Ceremonials lyrics 
Ceremonials at Ceremonials at wikipedia Ceremonials at spotify
Ceremonials lyrics
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