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Protest The Hero lyrics
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Psychotherapist once claimed I had acute neurosis
Well, I only said a couple words and he made a diagnosis
He said I'd say whatever I want because I never chose this
But I spent (?) and I looked at him (?)
(?) let a part of me die
Never too sure if it's the truth or a lie
I'm not asking for your pity or 'woe, is me' sarcastically
I'm not losing sleep pathetically while waxing so poetically
But I'm waning alphabetically as I keep dropping bombs apologetically
It was a wicked, whimpering, Winnipeg night
When my dark grew wings and took to flight
The thought had never crossed my mind before that moment
Is the truth so bent it can't be broken?
Jealousy got the best of me and had conference with the rest of me and said
If this is all that's left for me then there's little room for regret
And that little voice inside my head said
If you don't regret nothing then you might as well be dead
So I apologize mostly to that four or five guys who stand behind me on that stage every night
As the mic starts to whisper and the words start to blister in my mouth
That I know aren't right
I've gotta get back to who I was
Before my last ten years on autopilot
It's the mask that quite often starts to eat into your face
So (?) that can quickly be replaced
I've gotta get back to who I was
Before my last ten years on autopilot
So tell me again, how my life could have been before I was spineless,
Before I gave in
'Cause everybody thinks it's timeless, well, time's running out
One thing I'll never regret is I never shut my face
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