Protest The Hero - The reign of unending terror song lyrics
Protest The Hero lyrics
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Each word bitten,
Every 'fuck' is pronounced
With conviction written in justice announced
And every hand that feeds is bitten if it steals from hungry mouths
Convention be damned, I know who I am and
Some words are just too fucking loud they can't be ignored
Twice a bitter lifetime tucked tightly in their belts
But spat and bit in such a way that you know just how it felt
What it means to be a man and what it means to refuse it
Things I learned along the way while listening to their music
Throw your hands up in relief that twenty years won't end their reign
The reign of unending terror
The reign that brings us warning
The reign that breaks the sky and gives us hope for the end of this long night
Red sky morning light
The truth is, some days I don't have any morals at all
The truth is, I left them in the men's room at the drug stop in the second stall
That's the kind of a better me that obscures the very core of me
My shadow lacking in disbelief
Flipping through the sleaze
(?), thank the kings, uplift the rooks,
Spit on the diamond cuffs of the real crooks
When you look in my eyes, who do you see?
When you look in my eyes, who is it?
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