Acid Bath - The Blue song lyrics
Acid Bath lyrics
Across your face I see what you are you wanna kill the sun and
blot out the stars I know you you're nothing you're so small
you're fucking nothing at all laughing into the fire it re-
minds me of you the slit wrists of the sky bleeding into the
blue we twist beneath forever, but do you know what they've
done? Ants in the after birth, we're slugs under the sun I
could not wake the dead man dreaming acid party murder at the
late show mutate me and breed yourselves a savior I could not
kill the dead man screaming, eat my dead cock I have fallen
deep in love with the sky fragments of a sunbeam glaring on a
kitchen knife the leaves will fall as everything must follow
kill your idol come on jump into the void, eat my cold shit
everybody whispers were birds fall dead I smell the yellow
sickness churning inside your head wiping flecks of foam twis-
ting with rabies bloody we run thru these fields of dead dai-
sies how can I ever make you know what you've done ants in the
afterbirth, slugs under the sun I have fallen deep in love
with sky fragments of a sunbeam glaring on a kitchen knife
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