Angelus Apatrida - At the gates of hell song lyrics
Angelus Apatrida lyrics
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Hey you! The way has been too short
I knew you'd wait behind the door
Hello it's me again!
Black tongue full of hate
My bloody grave

Dead crows rise from it's bones
Wormed skulls sing that song
Hell's fire purify my soul
As the devil writes the oath

Don't you hear the clock?
I'm coming for you
It's now or never!

My eyes to see you pray
I will meet you at the gates of hell
These lies you said to me
We will face off at the gates of hell... yeah!


No, no need to run, no place to hide
One thousand eyes watch you moving this time

Now trapped under fire burning the liar
Sinners forgiven while all saints are damned

My eyes yo chase you away
I will meet you at the gates of hell
The call (2012)
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