All Them Witches - Cowboy kirk song lyrics
All Them Witches lyrics
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Love you like I love cowboy Kirk
Hangs around everyday
Mid town cantina
Mid town cantina

Love you like I love doin' work
Oh but the day is long
It's all I've got
It's pretty close to havin' fun

My whole life feels like vibrations
Shake the highway miles
I'm headin home
I'm headed home
Love you like I love chewin skoals
Miles worth of river sand
It's hard to sleep
Make my way through the burning hands

Send my thoughts through the waterways
Keep me in your arms
Look out for us
Keep me safe from doin' harm
Love you like I love the west
Get's straight into my brain
I'm wigging out
Place my hand on the turning lathe
Sleeping through the war (2017)
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