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Bands starting with M

Machine head lyrics
Machine head Machine head lyrics
Vote up for Machine head Vote down for Machine head +20
Madball lyrics
Madball Madball lyrics
Vote up for Madball Vote down for Madball +1
Madonna lyrics
Madonna Madonna lyrics
Vote up for Madonna Vote down for Madonna 0
Mago De Oz lyrics
Mago De Oz Mago De Oz lyrics
Vote up for Mago De Oz Vote down for Mago De Oz +6
Mama Kin lyrics
Mama Kin Mama Kin lyrics
Vote up for Mama Kin Vote down for Mama Kin +2
Mando Diao lyrics
Mando Diao Mando Diao lyrics
Vote up for Mando Diao Vote down for Mando Diao +1
Manic Street Preachers lyrics
Manic Street Preachers Manic Street Preachers lyrics
Vote up for Manic Street Preachers Vote down for Manic Street Preachers +3
Manowar lyrics
Manowar Manowar lyrics
Vote up for Manowar Vote down for Manowar +2
Mansun lyrics
Mansun Mansun lyrics
Vote up for Mansun Vote down for Mansun +1
Marduk lyrics
Marduk Marduk lyrics
Vote up for Marduk Vote down for Marduk 0
Marilyn Manson lyrics
Marilyn Manson Marilyn Manson lyrics
Vote up for Marilyn Manson Vote down for Marilyn Manson +15
Mark Lanegan lyrics
Mark Lanegan Mark Lanegan lyrics
Vote up for Mark Lanegan Vote down for Mark Lanegan +1
Maroon 5 lyrics
Maroon 5 Maroon 5 lyrics
Vote up for Maroon 5 Vote down for Maroon 5 0
Massive Attack lyrics
Massive Attack Massive Attack lyrics
Vote up for Massive Attack Vote down for Massive Attack 0
Masterplan lyrics
Masterplan Masterplan lyrics
Vote up for Masterplan Vote down for Masterplan 0
Mastodon lyrics
Mastodon Mastodon lyrics
Vote up for Mastodon Vote down for Mastodon +3
Matchbox Twenty lyrics
Matchbox Twenty Matchbox Twenty lyrics
Vote up for Matchbox Twenty Vote down for Matchbox Twenty 0
Maximo Park lyrics
Maximo Park Maximo Park lyrics
Vote up for Maximo Park Vote down for Maximo Park 0
Meat Loaf lyrics
Meat Loaf Meat Loaf lyrics
Vote up for Meat Loaf Vote down for Meat Loaf 0
Meat Puppets lyrics
Meat Puppets Meat Puppets lyrics
Vote up for Meat Puppets Vote down for Meat Puppets 0
Megadeth lyrics
Megadeth Megadeth lyrics
Vote up for Megadeth Vote down for Megadeth +174
Melissa Auf Der Maur lyrics
Melissa Auf Der Maur Melissa Auf Der Maur lyrics
Vote up for Melissa Auf Der Maur Vote down for Melissa Auf Der Maur -2
Melvins lyrics
Melvins Melvins lyrics
Vote up for Melvins Vote down for Melvins 0
Mercyful Fate lyrics
Mercyful Fate Mercyful Fate lyrics
Vote up for Mercyful Fate Vote down for Mercyful Fate +2
Meredith Brooks lyrics
Meredith Brooks Meredith Brooks lyrics
Vote up for Meredith Brooks Vote down for Meredith Brooks 0
Meshuggah lyrics
Meshuggah Meshuggah lyrics
Vote up for Meshuggah Vote down for Meshuggah 0
Metal Church lyrics
Metal Church Metal Church lyrics
Vote up for Metal Church Vote down for Metal Church 0
Metallica lyrics
Metallica Metallica lyrics
Vote up for Metallica Vote down for Metallica +12
Metz lyrics
Metz Metz lyrics
Vote up for Metz Vote down for Metz 0
MGMT lyrics
MGMT MGMT lyrics
Vote up for MGMT Vote down for MGMT 0
Michael Jackson lyrics
Michael Jackson Michael Jackson lyrics
Vote up for Michael Jackson Vote down for Michael Jackson 0
Michael Kiske lyrics
Michael Kiske Michael Kiske lyrics
Vote up for Michael Kiske Vote down for Michael Kiske 0
Michael Kiwanuka lyrics
Michael Kiwanuka Michael Kiwanuka lyrics
Vote up for Michael Kiwanuka Vote down for Michael Kiwanuka 0
Michael Monroe lyrics
Michael Monroe Michael Monroe lyrics
Vote up for Michael Monroe Vote down for Michael Monroe 0
Mick Jagger lyrics
Mick Jagger Mick Jagger lyrics
Vote up for Mick Jagger Vote down for Mick Jagger +3
Miles Kane lyrics
Miles Kane Miles Kane lyrics
Vote up for Miles Kane Vote down for Miles Kane 0
Miley Cyrus lyrics
Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus lyrics
Vote up for Miley Cyrus Vote down for Miley Cyrus 0
Millencolin lyrics
Millencolin Millencolin lyrics
Vote up for Millencolin Vote down for Millencolin 0
Ministry lyrics
Ministry Ministry lyrics
Vote up for Ministry Vote down for Ministry +1
Minor Threat lyrics
Minor Threat Minor Threat lyrics
Vote up for Minor Threat Vote down for Minor Threat 0
Misfits lyrics
Misfits Misfits lyrics
Vote up for Misfits Vote down for Misfits 0
Mnemic lyrics
Mnemic Mnemic lyrics
Vote up for Mnemic Vote down for Mnemic 0
Moby lyrics
Moby Moby lyrics
Vote up for Moby Vote down for Moby 0
Modest Mouse lyrics
Modest Mouse Modest Mouse lyrics
Vote up for Modest Mouse Vote down for Modest Mouse 0
Mogwai lyrics
Mogwai Mogwai lyrics
Vote up for Mogwai Vote down for Mogwai 0
Monster Magnet lyrics
Monster Magnet Monster Magnet lyrics
Vote up for Monster Magnet Vote down for Monster Magnet +6
Moonspell lyrics
Moonspell Moonspell lyrics
Vote up for Moonspell Vote down for Moonspell 0
Morbid Angel lyrics
Morbid Angel Morbid Angel lyrics
Vote up for Morbid Angel Vote down for Morbid Angel 0
Morcheeba lyrics
Morcheeba Morcheeba lyrics
Vote up for Morcheeba Vote down for Morcheeba +2
More than a thousand lyrics
More than a thousand More than a thousand lyrics
Vote up for More than a thousand Vote down for More than a thousand 0
Morning Glory lyrics
Morning Glory Morning Glory lyrics
Vote up for Morning Glory Vote down for Morning Glory 0
Mortiis lyrics
Mortiis Mortiis lyrics
Vote up for Mortiis Vote down for Mortiis 0
Motionless In White lyrics
Motionless In White Motionless In White lyrics
Vote up for Motionless In White Vote down for Motionless In White 0
Motley Crue lyrics
Motley Crue Motley Crue lyrics
Vote up for Motley Crue Vote down for Motley Crue +1
Motorhead lyrics
Motorhead Motorhead lyrics
Vote up for Motorhead Vote down for Motorhead +2
Mr. Bungle lyrics
Mr. Bungle Mr. Bungle lyrics
Vote up for Mr. Bungle Vote down for Mr. Bungle +2
Mudhoney lyrics
Mudhoney Mudhoney lyrics
Vote up for Mudhoney Vote down for Mudhoney 0
Mudvayne lyrics
Mudvayne Mudvayne lyrics
Vote up for Mudvayne Vote down for Mudvayne +1
Mumford & Sons lyrics
Mumford & Sons Mumford & Sons lyrics
Vote up for Mumford & Sons Vote down for Mumford & Sons 0
Municipal Waste lyrics
Municipal Waste Municipal Waste lyrics
Vote up for Municipal Waste Vote down for Municipal Waste 0
Muse lyrics
Muse Muse lyrics
Vote up for Muse Vote down for Muse +5
Mushroomhead lyrics
Mushroomhead Mushroomhead lyrics
Vote up for Mushroomhead Vote down for Mushroomhead +1
Mutemath lyrics
Mutemath Mutemath lyrics
Vote up for Mutemath Vote down for Mutemath 0
MxPx lyrics
MxPx MxPx lyrics
Vote up for MxPx Vote down for MxPx 0
My Bloody Valentine lyrics
My Bloody Valentine My Bloody Valentine lyrics
Vote up for My Bloody Valentine Vote down for My Bloody Valentine 0
My Chemical Romance lyrics
My Chemical Romance My Chemical Romance lyrics
Vote up for My Chemical Romance Vote down for My Chemical Romance +6
My Dying Bride lyrics
My Dying Bride My Dying Bride lyrics
Vote up for My Dying Bride Vote down for My Dying Bride 0
My Morning Jacket lyrics
My Morning Jacket My Morning Jacket lyrics
Vote up for My Morning Jacket Vote down for My Morning Jacket +1
My Own Private Alaska lyrics
My Own Private Alaska My Own Private Alaska lyrics
Vote up for My Own Private Alaska Vote down for My Own Private Alaska 0
My Ruin lyrics
My Ruin My Ruin lyrics
Vote up for My Ruin Vote down for My Ruin 0
Myrath lyrics
Myrath Myrath lyrics
Vote up for Myrath Vote down for Myrath +1
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