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This is a story of Berto and the Fiend
Told to us by the Ghostface Killah

Word, I remember the fiend, I remember the fiend fucked Berto up
The fiend is fuckin' Berto up
I had to jump in there like, "Yo, chill!"
He tried to beat the nigga for his 35 dollars
But the fiend was on some slim Bruce Lee shit
Yeah, his sneakers was tied tight
That's how you knew niggas fight, 'cause they was tight
All the sudden that nigga slammed Berto like, *exclaims*
He had him on the floor
He was like, "Yo, yo, get him off me!"
You know what I'm sayin'
Had to get the nigga off him and shit
Let him pound on him for like two seconds or whatever
Got the fiend off him
Where are you going?
I'm wasting no time?gonna kill?
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Berto and the fiend (skit) lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Berto and the fiend (skit), the 7th song of the 18 recorded for the album The saga continues, with a total running time of , by Wu-Tang Clan. It was released on October 13, 2017 via eOne, and produced by Mathematics, RZA.