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You tell me actions all that I, could ever do or say,
And me and my jealousy have stole your songs and passed them off as my own.
As much as I would like for it not to show,
You can smell the stink on my breath and in my clothes, its so obvious.

If I could only be, half the things you write about in your songs,
If I could only mean half as much to anyone.

And in my arrogance I write, pages of anger, hate and spite,
All of the reasons I have to trust, absolutely no one.
Today I heard you on my stereo, and it shamed me, and it shamed me to think,
That I could be so unoriginal.

Well I could only be half the genius that you are.
To feel such honest one, to show love. I would show you love.

Well if I could only feel half as resolute in my beliefs.
If I could only sing with such bravery.
I cannot explain how much you mean to me.
Without your words I would be lost.
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Untitled lyrics

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