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You will remember this moment
As you dig into me
And from your smile now
It seems as if you liked it
You'd better cherish this moment
As you dig into me
You'll never get another chance
At this

I won't stand another minute
Of your questioning me
You hear me, bitch, stop
The interrogations over
I can't handle the feeling
Of your pestering me
How would you like
To meet my favorite list

No you can't reneg
I love to see you beg

Dream this moment as you run away
You will only separate me from
All I believe this moment
It will tell the way
You're the one who kept on pushing
Till I made you bleed

It seems your pride has been stolen
Since you stood up to me
I'll tell you now you know I think I
Really like it
So learn a lesson from someone
Who will never repeat the many
Tragic mistakes of his past

I hope you savor this moment
As you're still on your feet
So keep it quiet now
I think you're gonna like it
Words have consequences when
They're spoken to me
You better be careful when you're writing checks

Don't you question how
I stand above you

Now you know the answer
Save yourself from danger
I cannot forget how all of this began
I know you know the answers
Save yourself from danger
Beaten by a stranger
Blood still on his hands
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This moment lyrics

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