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When you're big
And troubles seem so far
You put your belly up to the bar
Squint your eyes
You can almost miss the dirt
You tell yourself
It couldn't hurt

But when you're small
You can't walk down the hall
When you're small
You're not very big at all

When you're low
You reach a certain point
Where you can't really see the point
You can try
But you can't see eye to eye
Yet when you're low then you really know

When you're high
It's easier to fight
When you're high
You don't have to know why

When you're small
You don't have very far to fall
When you're small
You feel like you belong
When you're small
You can curl into a ball
When you're small
No you're not very big at all
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When you're small lyrics

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check here the lyrics for When you're small, the 10th song of the 11 recorded for the album Little dark age, with a total running time of , by MGMT. It was released on February 9, 2018 via Columbia records, and produced by MGMT, Patrick Wimberly, Dave Fridmann.